We do the AMBIENT, We do the FOCAL GLOW, We do a PLAY of BRILLIANTS

(R. KELLY the original architectural lighting designer - USA 1930)

Today we know the 80 year old concepts of Richard Kelly as visual performance, visual comfort and visual ambiance. We design according to these fundamentals.

Professional Illumination Design is expert in bringing together all the bits and pieces that are necessary to create the perfect lighting scheme.


For thirty years we have both practised and studied and today offer a full lighting design service that embraces the history of light in architectural and interior and external spaces, with cutting edge expertise to produce the best possible results at all budgets and on time.

We are members of the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA)

For cutting edge LED technology, visit our sister website Solid State Lighting Systems at: www.ssls.co.za

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